C. Aurora Paving LTD. pride ourselves on our reputation for being able to produce heavy duty paving for residential  driveways that stand  the test of time. Repeated delivery of well-compacted gravel bases and structurally sound creations  are part of our legacy, coupled with a  commitment to using the highest-quality materials and workmanship available. Our  professionals utilize heavy compaction equipment and  deliver the highest-quality product with a focus on durable and fine  finishes.

 We realize that when people arrive at your home, one of the first things they notice is your driveway. For this reason, when  we work on  driveways, we take the time to ensure that quality is maintained throughout the duration of the installation  process. Our goal is to create a  driveway for you that not only complements your home’s exterior finishes, but also  enhances the overall look of your property.
 Since we are highly experienced, you can feel confident letting us tackle your driveway installation project. We have over 35  years of  experience working on driveways and completing a variety of other different construction projects. From the  minute you first contact us to  the minute we complete your new driveway, we will communicate with you, answer your  questions, and ensure that everything goes  according to plan.
 Whether you want to update your driveway or have an entirely new one installed on your property, our team is the one for  the job.

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